Friday, January 30, 2009

Say Goodbye To Freedom

So much for freedom in Britain.

A member of the House of Lords invited Wilders to a private meeting in London and intended to invite her colleagues in the Lords to meet Wilders there and see a screening of Fitna, followed by discussion, questions and debate, the way things normally go in a free society.

But what happened instead is that Lord Ahmad, the Labour-appointed Peer pictured above found out about the invitation to Wilders. He then actually threatened to 'mobilize 10,000 Muslims' in the streets to prevent Wilders from entering London and threatened to sue the Peer who was organizing the event.

Wilders was subsequently disinvited and the showing of Fitna was jubliant, and Lord Ahmed praised Allah for delivering ‘ was cancelled. The Pakistani Pressa victory for the Muslim community’.

A Labour peer threatens to unleash a mob onto the streets of London to prevent his colleagues from meeting another politician?

Astonishing. The sentiments of the Muslim mob trump the rights of others. Whatever happened to "Great" Britain?

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