Sunday, January 25, 2009

SMG Lee SHOT Show 2009

Thanks to tipster prado camp for pointing out that SMG Lee's superlative SHOT Show coverage is being hosted this year at the M4 Carbine Forum. I had been aware of his "SHOT Show pictorial" but I thought that was it- boy, was I wrong. He actually has a whole sub-forum dedicated to the show.

Head on over to check out the images.

Speaking of the Show, I was a tad disappointed that Magpul didn't wow us with some cool new gadgets. Previously they've shown off their bullpup PDW (whatever happened to that?), their race-winning quad and the awesome FMG. Come on guys, bring us some new concept goodness next year. The auto industry does it, so why not the gun makers too?

Highlights of the show for me this year were the Shrike system and Knight Armament's ChainSAW. What do you guys think?

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