Monday, April 30, 2007

British "Justice"

Yet again the safety and best interests of the British public are placed far behind those of dangerous terrorists-

A British court ruled Friday that two Libyan terror suspects cannot be deported to their homeland even though they pose a danger to Britain's national security.

All because they might be mistreated in their own country- despite an agreement between the British and Libyan governments which states just the opposite.

Ouseley's ruling said DD was a "real and direct threat" to national security and a "global jihadist with links to the Taliban and al-Qaida."

When detained in October 2005, DD possessed a map marked with the flight path to Birmingham International Airport in central England.

"The markings might have been for reconnaissance purposes but might have a wholly innocent explanation," the court's ruling said.

Why of course! It always makes me feel so good when international terrorists are given the benefit of the doubt in court. It makes sense really- the court admits he poses a very real threat to Britain and in the next breath declares that his terrorist plans might not mean anything at all. Yep, I can see the judge's logic at work.

The second man, AS, was "an Islamic extremist who has engaged actively and as a senior member with a terrorist group clearly engaged in support work for jihadist activities," the ruling said.

It said he was involved with a Milan-based group, monitored by Italian authorities, that planning a terrorist attack, most likely within Europe. He came to Britain in February 2002 and was arrested that May for immigration offenses.

And yet the court has decided that these two men should be allowed to roam free inside the United Kingdom. Why exactly do British law courts consider the welfare of two foreign nationals engaged in terrorist activities to trump the welfare of British citizens? Oh yes, because the EU says so-

As a signatory to the European Convention on Human Rights, Britain is not allowed to deport people to countries where they may be mistreated.

Regardless of the risk to British citizens, I might add. According to the EU the "human rights" of terrorists are more important than the human rights of their potential victims.

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