Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Touching Base

Okay, broadband is still a while away and I'm currently dealing with the fact that my home doesn't appear to exist- my new ISP tried to set me up and British Telecom told them I don't exist. Strange. But this stuff happens to me all the time- computer records just don't seem to like me.

At the moment I have a dial up connection (a whopping 37Kbps!) to tide me over- enough to check in on War On Guns, Michelle Malkin, Clayton Cramer, and Little Green Footballs anyway.

That gun free zone at Virginia Tech didn't seem to work out quite the way the hoplophobes there had hoped. I wonder yet if they understand that gun laws only serve to disarm the law-abiding and render them helpless in the face of criminals who routinely break the law. It seems a simple enough concept to understand and yet the MSM hoplophobia is running rampant demanding more citizen disarmament. Are they really so dense that they can't see the consequences of taking guns away from the law-abiding so that they cannot defend themselves?

Anyway, hopefully be able to check in here a little more regularly now. Thanks for stopping by.


Bag said...

There is a stronger case that BT cocked it up rather than your bad luck. All these big monolithic companies can't do the simplest things due to the paperwork.

3Ply Stagliano said...

John, sorry to write this as a comment on your blog but could you e-mail me please. I tried to contact you with the e-mail addresses I had but neither of them seems to work any longer. Please write soon and let me know your new addresses (Both virtual and real).