Tuesday, April 03, 2007

TSA Jokers

It looks like Michelle Malkin needs to start an "Only Ones" category on her site too- make sure to check the link to see the picture that goes along with this post too-

Kate Burgess and her boyfriend were returning from Mexico when they had a two-hour layover at MSP. As they placed their bags on the conveyor belt and went through security, Kate’s bag triggered a detector. According to Kate, when the detector went off a Transportation Security Administration employee said, "That’s it, call police."

As more TSA employees surrounded her, Kate suffered a severe asthma attack. That’s when a supervisor told her it was an April Fool’s joke.

"They scared me, but even worse they humiliated me…I won’t ever travel through Minneapolis again," Kate said.

And the response to this is more than predictable, in fact I can tell you know what's coming already-

In a statement, the Transportation Security Administration said, "TSA staff communicated with Ms. Burgess and expressed our regret. While our inquiry revealed no irregularities in the actual screening process, we do not condone or tolerate inappropriate remarks or behavior by our staff."

One rule for the serfs, another for the uniformed elite, eh?

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