Sunday, April 01, 2007

Kossacks For Sharia

I suppose this sums up America's descent as much as the previous post sums up Europe's. The US isn't in quite as bad shape as their cousins over the Pond- but they're certainly on the same road.

But reading Michelle Malkin's rant about the difference between the MSM's self-censorship in this case and in the case of the infamous Danish cartoons sparked within me the need to comment.Just how ignorant is this woman? She must know that Islam forbids depictions of its Prophet, while Christianity has no such restrictions on artistic representation of Jesus. Right? She must understand that therein lies the fundamental difference in likelihood of offense between printing the Danish cartoons and running a picture of a chocolate Jesus.

Yes, you read that right- one of Kos' Libs is actually advocating for Sharia norms to inform just what is and isn't defined as free speech in the United States of America. So much for the First Amendment. Like I said, America is on the same road that Europe is travelling.

I generally try to avoid Daily Kos-and the comments in particular but AllahPundit recommended reading them. First this--

Of course, what have Malkin and the Catholic League's people done in response to a chocolate Christ?

They've gone crazy and made death threats.

Michelle made death threats? The Catholic League made death threats? Really? I guess I missed the CNN report on that. And no one actually thinks to correct him- I guess in their minds Christians do issue fatwas.

Then this-

Malkin is in denial, she really wants a chocolate dick.

And the liberals there don't even bat an eyelid at it. Feminists, don't you have anything to say? Any of you liberals want to comment on that? Do any of you think it's at all appropriate to make a comment like this about a woman because you disagree with her politics? How about the poll which asks if Michelle is an "attention whore" or "ignorant" or "both"?

I've commented before on the bile that comes from the Left- and the usual response is that "it comes equally from both sides". Well, that's not true- the vast majority of this kind of talk comes from the Left, the Liberals. How they slander what that word used to stand for.

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