Friday, April 27, 2007

Destroying America

In a very short space of time we've gone from demands by hoplophobes for "commonsense" gun laws to repealing the Second Amendment altogether to this- America the police state.

Now, how would one disarm the American population? First of all, federal or state laws would need to make it a crime punishable by a $1,000 fine and one year in prison per weapon to possess a firearm. The population would then be given three months to turn in their guns, without penalty.

And not just handguns or assault rifles either-

Hunters would be able to deposit their hunting weapons in a centrally located arsenal, heavily guarded, from which they would be able to withdraw them each hunting season upon presentation of a valid hunting license. The weapons would be required to be redeposited at the end of the season on pain of arrest. When hunters submit a request for their weapons, federal, state, and local checks would be made to establish that they had not been convicted of a violent crime since the last time they withdrew their weapons. In the process, arsenal staff would take at least a quick look at each hunter to try to affirm that he was not obviously unhinged.

So, on the say so of some clerk you could be prevented from taking your gun. Yep, hunters get to keep their high-powered weapons (ones that look innocuous mind you) for the duration of hunting season. But for how long? Until just one was used in a shooting I'd guess. It's a curious exemption but one you can bet that won't last. Such a plan would utterly destroy gun culture in America in a few short years. And antiques aren't exempt either-

All antique or interesting non-hunting weapons would be required to be delivered to a local or regional museum, also to be under strict 24-hour-a-day guard.

Gun dealers could continue their work, selling hunting and antique firearms. They would be required to maintain very tight inventories. Any gun sold would be delivered immediately by the dealer to the nearest arsenal or the museum, not to the buyer.

Yeah, you can still buy those antique weapons- and then go and look at them in a museum; I'm sure there will be a roaring trade for that.

The disarmament process would begin after the initial three-month amnesty. Special squads of police would be formed and trained to carry out the work. Then, on a random basis to permit no advance warning, city blocks and stretches of suburban and rural areas would be cordoned off and searches carried out in every business, dwelling, and empty building. All firearms would be seized. The owners of weapons found in the searches would be prosecuted: $1,000 and one year in prison for each firearm.

Clearly, since such sweeps could not take place all across the country at the same time. But fairly quickly there would begin to be gun-swept, gun-free areas where there should be no firearms. If there were, those carrying them would be subject to quick confiscation and prosecution. On the streets it would be a question of stop-and-search of anyone, even grandma with her walker, with the same penalties for “carrying.”

There, simple isn't it? Turn America into a de facto fascist police state where those exercising their inalienable rights are turned into criminals, their homes invaded by jackbooted thugs on the whim of the state. So I guess the Fourth Amendment can be kissed goodbye as well as the Second.

Note too his curious optimism- a small number of police to search entire cities and towns; and he's positive that all guns will be seized. But of course, once an area has been searched it won't be gun free- it just means that there won't be any guns while the gun-Nazis are present. Once they've gone, the residents can dig up their guns or have more shipped in from other areas or overseas. If the state can't keep illegal guns out of tiny island Britain then what chance does the USA have? But that's besides the point- in an effort to disarm the people, this former diplomat is entirely prepared to trample the Constitution.

Once the guns are outlawed, just what other sections of the Bill of Rights do you think will be erased?

Gun owners, lovers of freedom, Americans: the time to fight for your rights- all of them, not just the Second Amendment- is right now. The hoplophobes have revealed their intentions all too clearly- a United States which is made up of subjects, not citizens, whose homes can be searched at any time at the whim of the government. How long before free speech, freedom of religion or any of your other rights are considered to be obsolete by your rulers?

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crotalus said...

It'll be worse than that for his small cadre of "Special, Gun-Grabbing Kops". We get wind they're in the area, we'll swarm them and exterminate them! Then we'll go looking for Danny Boy!