Monday, April 02, 2007

US Arms To Hamas?

The decision by the USA to not only train but arm Fatah could be about to blow up in its face- as Fatah declares its intention to arm Hamas in order for them to attack Israel. I guess they don't want to endanger their "moderate people we can do business with" tag.

“Yoram Turbowicz, Olmert’s chief of staff, and his Palestinian counterpart, Rafiq Al-Hussein, meet on a weekly basis, to no avail. Rice’s solution is just an attempt to appear as though she had made some sort an achievement,” the sources say.

“If they go on meeting without the release of prisoners or other gestures, we ourselves will supply Hamas with the weapons it wants,” they said.

In short, American-bought arms could be used against the USA's closest ally in the Middle East by a gang of murderous terrorist thugs. As if we couldn't see that coming.

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