Monday, June 15, 2009

More Twitter

I've been using Twitter to post lately- simply because it's faster than blogger. You can view my page here. You don't need to be signed up to the service to see the items or click the links. And you can also see my Twitter posts further down this page below the links.

A few examples-

Actress Lynn Collins has been picked to play Dejah Thoris in the upcoming John Carter of Mars movie. Sorry, but she is no Dejah. The guy who played Gambit in the Wolverine movie is to be John Carter. I'm underwhelmed by that choice but I'll reserve further judgement until I actually see that film. I doubt very much it will convince me he's right for the part though.

An "expert" has designed a revolutionary new knife which *gasp* cannot be used to commit crimes! How does it manage this? Well, it has a blunt tip. The pointless design (couldn't resist) evidently doesn't take into account that knives are known to not only stab people but also to slash them. No doubt the next version will take this into account and come fully featured with a blunt edge too.

The US is to send financial aid- to be used to combat global warming- to...wait for it...China. Let me see if I have this right- US borrows money from China, US gives money to China because they are "a developing nation", US then repays loan to China plus interest.


The Phillips General Store said...


I am writing you today because I have written a short, basic e-book on reloading and would like for you to publish links to it on your blog. I can also give you a free text copy for review if you want. Thanks for your consideration.

Johnny Five Aces said...

have you ever seen this site, as a sci-fi fan/writer/gunfan I think you'd dig it:

Jay.Mac said...

That's a brilliant site- thanks very much for the link!