Thursday, June 11, 2009

Shi No Numa

Well, downloaded Map Pack 2 for Call of Duty: World at War. Haven't even looked at the new multiplayer maps but I have been playing the new Nazi Zombies game, Shi No Numa (Swamp of Death) for a good part of the afternoon.

It's fantastic- with the new additions to the game and the Imperial Japanese zombies it feels unlike the other two Nazi Zombies games. Treyarch have really outdone themselves with this one. The map is big and sprawling with lots of doors and windows for the zombies to come shambling or running through. I had thought that the randomly generated Perks machines would be frustrating but it works well- especially since you don't have to first go turn on the power to get them working. Also the Box, source of all the good guns, seems to be more rationally programmed- no more getting a useless bolt action rifle on level 12. Fingers crossed they don't change this come the next upgrade- the game is hard enough as it is.

The Hellhound levels are brilliant- I like that they occur randomly and each begins with the whole level filling up with fog, before the Hellhounds spawn and begin attacking. It's a wonderfully spooky touch. Easy to imagine the jungle temperatures plummeting as the air turns to mist. Really, Treyarch- make a whole game of this stuff.

Thus far, the best I've managed is level 15 solo. If you have the pair of MGs, the Browning and the MG-42, stick with the latter when confronted with Hellhounds- the higher rate of fire seems to put them down much easier.

If you have any strategy tips, feel free to leave them in the comments!

One last thing- seems I was right about the Wunderwaffe- not a night-scoped MP-44 but a nifty Nazi electric rifle. I'm not quite sure what to make of the new weapon just yet as I only got to handle it a couple of times. Not quite as effective as the Ray Gun (which appears to still be in the Box) but it's still pretty destructive. If you haven't used it yet, wait until you get a group of zombies coming at you before firing.

Oh, and just one other last thing! The Flogger? It's awesome.


Anonymous said...

where is the power switch???

Jay.Mac said...

There isn't one in this game- you can turn on the electrical grids in the out houses at any time so long as you have the points.

If there's anything else, just ask.

SaintMurda said...

Just made it to level 49 solo.
open everything except the stairs at the beginning and the doctor's quarters. place bouncing betties on either side of yourself and stand at the far right edge of the barrier at the entrance to the doctor's quarters. kill zombies with whatever weapon you have, until you are overrun, then juke the zombies by running in a circle toward the flogger, and either hit the switch or use the wunderwaffe near the bridge in the fishing hut section. gamertag: Saint Murda