Tuesday, June 02, 2009

New Race Discovered

It's incredible really- in politically correct Britain there are new races being discovered all the time.

A man brought his German-born neighbour close to tears by twice calling her a schweinhund, a court heard yesterday.

Both the Englishman and his German-born neighbour are white by the way...but get this-

This defendant was well aware of her German heritage. He did not say what he said in English. He said it in German. Mrs Hurst was quite shocked. Schweinhund is an insult in German.'

Robinson denies a charge of racially-aggravated intentional harassment, alarm or distress on January 24 last year.

Ah, the famed "German" race found at last!

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Crotalus said...

"Schweinhund" literally means "swine hound", or "pig dog", perhaps in reference to a breed that herds swine. I can't see how it applies to race or racism, but it is a German insult.