Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Osprey To The Rescue

Another lucky escape for a British soldier- this time due to his Osprey body armour.

Shot in the back by a Taliban sniper, Lance Sergeant Daniel Collins must have thought his luck had finally run out.

Flattened by the force of the bullet, and in excruciating pain, he begged his platoon leader not to tell him how bad is injury was.

But when L/Sgt Grant Lewis went to his comrade's aid he was amazed to find that the bullet had been slowed down by the body armour and had only just penetrated his skin.

Unbelievably, he could even see the bullet and managed to dig it out with his bare hands.

Luckily for him the bullet clipped the very bottom edge of the ceramic plate in his armour- a fraction of an inch lower and he might very well have not lived to tell the tale.

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