Saturday, June 06, 2009

Terminal Decline

Mark Steyn's latest is a sobering read-

Like General Motors, America is “too big to fail.” So it won’t, not immediately. It will linger on in a twilight existence sclerotic and ineffectual, declining unto a kind of societal dementia, unable to keep pace with what’s happening and with an ever more tenuous grip on its own past, but able on occasion to throw out impressive words albeit strung together without much meaning: empower, peace, justice, prosperity — just to take one windy gust from the president’s Cairo speech.

I personally believe that Obama's policies, his out-of-control spending and dramatic transformation of the relationship between government and business and government and the people, are killing America. Each household in the nation currently represents $546,688 of Federal debt- and that debt is only going to increase as Obama institutes further "change"- cap and trade and healh care reform to name but two.

Not only has he bankrupted the nation with a stimulus which has worsened the effects of an economic downturn it was supposed to repair, but when American businesses consider the number one threat to their practices the American government, you have to realise that it's all gone horribly wrong.

I hope I'm wrong but I think that Steyn has it right- America is in a terminal decline.

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Crotalus said...

No, you are not wrong. The Constitution is dead, and America will soon be. We will soon be the United Soviet States of Amerika.