Saturday, November 27, 2004

Bit more on HK's New Handgun

Just when I thought I was done I come across this- a page on the new HK pistol in 4.6mm. Not much more new info on the weapon yet but the prototype pictures are interesting- it looks like has a more “pointable” grip angle than the later model. I’m not entirely sold on the concept of the small, body-armour piercing round (although having said that. I’m not aware of any reports on terminal ballistics). Maybe in Europe this will prove sellable, but I’m afraid when it comes to handguns, I’ve got to side with those across the Pond- the .45ACP is the cartridge of choice. And the fact that certain US units are re-equipping with 1911s speaks volumes. If the 9mm is not enough gun, then I’ve got to question the effectiveness of the 4.6mm.

BTW, Ultimate Combat Pistol? Isn’t that title already taken by John Browning’s venerable 1911?

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