Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Election Countdown

One day to the election and the media here in the UK is calling the race a virtual tie- too close to call. I reckon Bush will win the day- despite what Michael Moore and the Daily Mail (an absolutely staggering article painting Christians as intolerant bigots and swing state voters as too monumentally stupid to be allowed to vote- it was in the print Mail on Sunday yesterday but I can’t find an online copy) would have us believe, I don’t think Americans are stupid. I also think that enough will realise that whatever Bush’s faults may be, he’s the country’s best hope for victory in the war on Islamic terrorism. When he is re-elected, it’ll be a relief- and a pleasure to see Kerry fade into the background again.

Of course, when it’s all over I’ll have to find something to read to replace Kerry Haters, Crush Kerry and the Kerry Spot every day.

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