Saturday, November 06, 2004

Catch Up

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Anyway, I cannot begin to say how pleased and relieved that George W. has been re-elected president. Hopefully, with such a massive majority he can now get on with the next four years without the ridiculous claims from the DNC et al that he “stole” the election. BTW, kudos to Kerry for his concession speech- he could have been a massive ass and delayed the results for days to come- such a shame he didn’t run his whole campaign with this shred of decency- just imagine how it might have gone if he’d forgone the far leftist rantings and conspiracy theories for truth and details of what his actual plans would have been. I wonder if having suffered such a resounding defeat that the Democrats will realise that the American people don’t want MoveOn and Michael Moore-on to dictate the tone of the campaign- in four years time will their candidate (Clinton?) run on absurdities or on policy?

With the election finally over, I wonder too if anyone wants to continue pressing Kerry to release his military records in light of a possible less than honourable discharge? He’s still a senator after all.

Now that Bush has secured his second term (and the Republicans have absolutely thrashed the Democrats) I wonder if we can expect a stepping up of the campaign in Iraq? I’m assuming that with the elections due in January, Fallujah and other terrorist hotspots will be targeted- and hopefully the military will be permitted to finish the job. Offering concessions to Sadr was a big mistake- surely the same thing can’t be allowed to happen again. I heard somewhere (must remember to bookmark links!) that Allawi had requested that some of the foreign terrorists the Americans are holding in Iraq be handed over to Iraqi custody- with the aim of showing them on TV so that the Iraqi people see for themselves that these are not insurgents or freedom fighters, they are foreign terrorists with no interest in what’s best for the Iraqi people.

I’ve just heard that three British troops have been killed in Iraq. Given the media frenzy over the Ken Bigley kidnapping (and the anti-war message they included) I’m sure that the Black Watch will come under a lot of pressure in Iraq- Blair’s already under a lot of pressure over the war and with an election of his own to fight soon I’m hoping that he has the resolve to stay the course. Australia and America have just re-elected war leaders, I don’t see why Britain should be any different (especially given the poor state of our Conservative Party- let’s face it, Blair doesn’t have a lot of competition- and the Tories were mostly pro-war too).

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