Monday, November 29, 2004

Keychain Knife

I’m looking to buy myself a very small folding knife which I can attach to my keychain. There have been quite a few times lately when I’ve found myself in need of a small blade and haven’t had one- I don’t carry my Leatherman around very much. I wasn’t quite sure what to go for- I was considering a CRKT KISS but then I discovered this nifty looking item; the Swiss-Tech Utili-Key. This looks like it might do the job nicely; very compact, a part serrated blade, screwdrivers and a bottle opener and most of all, unobtrusive- it doesn’t even look like a knife. It’s also a bargain price, which helps a great deal. The screwdrivers will also be handy- I occasionally have to crack open PC cases when I least expect it, so it’ll be good to be prepared. Finally, being a guy I love gadgets, and this is a cool little gadget.

I’ll have a further look around, see if I can find any suitable alternatives- any suggestions would be very welcome.

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