Sunday, November 28, 2004


According to the always interesting Defense Review, the FN SCAR consists of an M4 type lower receiver with an FNC style upper, complete with requisite Picatinny rail. Still no images of the weapon available but hopefully we won’t have long to wait. Basically what we’re looking at in an AR with AK internals.


C-Gull said...

w00t for gun control

Anonymous said...

Don't care for stamped steel, even in the upper (but like it better than polymer).

And, with only 3 militaries adopting the FNC, it doesn't sound like a raving success.

Hopefully, the secret weapon being built for SOCOM is not THAT close to the FNC.


DefRev said...


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By the way, I noticed DefenseReview isn't in your "Links" section. ;-)

Keep up the great work.

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David Crane