Friday, December 08, 2006

Arming Judges

A report on judges carrying guns in the courtroom- and efforts to enable more of them to do so legally.

Money quote for me was this-

"Judges in our courthouse have been carrying guns almost all the time," said Cynthia Stevens Kent, a Texas judge in the 114th District Court, where a man in a family law case killed his ex-wife and son last year on the steps of a Tyler courthouse.

"We feel strongly about providing adequate security, but it comes down to personal responsibility. And you've got to take responsibility for your own safety," Kent said.

Personal responsibility- exactly! And yet they’re only trying to allow judges to carry guns in court. What about the personal responsibility of jurors and others attending court? I guess they aren't considered to be members of the privileged classes.


straightarrow said...

If she is so aware of personal responsibility for one's own safety, why does she not want everyONE to exercise it?

hairy hobbit said...

nice money quote...where were the judges, the cops, and all the other people there who are supposed to "keep us safe" when that was happening?

just another example that they have NO responsibility to individuals, beyond themselves.