Thursday, December 07, 2006

Terrorists Welcome ISG Report

Well, who would have thought it? The Iraq Study Group advocates retreat, surrender and appeasement and the "insurgents" in Iraq think it's a great idea.

Insurgents and militias in Iraq on Thursday welcomed the recommendations made in a report by the Iraq Study Group that indicated that US policy in Iraq was not working and that its troops should be pulled out earlier than current projections suggest.

And if that isn't reason enough to reject the ISG's findings altogether I don't know what is.

"The withdrawal of US troops from Iraq has been one of our foremost demands since 2004. The presence of foreign troops in our country is the reason why we continue to fight, resulting in the killing of thousands of Iraqis," said Abu Baker, a member of Sunni insurgent group Jeyshi Muhammad (Muhammad's Army) who declined to give his full name.

Abu may have neglected to give his last name but Reuters' source here sure seem friendly enough with him- enough so that they know he's a terrorist. Perhaps they also have a contact number or address they could pass on to the American troops in Iraq?

For his part, Abu knows all to well the talking points he's supposed to put across-

"The occupation in Iraq is unacceptable to every Muslim fighter group and the Iraqi resistance believes that the country can only be governed by Iraqis without interference by US soldiers or politicians," Abu Baker said."This report just makes us stronger in our beliefs and reinforces our view that the best choice to be taken by the United States is to leave Iraq soon," he added.

Of course, if America just tucks its tail between its legs and runs away everything will be just hunky-dory!

Al-Qa'eda representatives in Iraq have long called for US troops to leave the country and see their continued presence as a direct cause of the increasing bloodshed there. "No Muslim country should close their eyes over this occupation that is destroying the country. The occupation is not popular with us Iraqis and that is why you can see an increase in the numbers of Iraqis who have turned into fighters against the US occupation," said Abu Ahmed, who claimed to be a member of al-Qa'eda in Iraq and declined to give his full name.

Reuters' buddies sure does seem to know a lot of terrorists willing to chat to them- funny that they aren't on last name terms though. They sure do seem to be pretty friendly. Abu number two doesn't seem to be quite so media savvy though-

He warned that the departure of US troops is not enough and said members of the Iraqi government and parliament who are pro-US should quit their positions "to clean the government of US ideology".

In other words, once America is gone we have to overthrow the US-created government and, say, install a Sharia-compliant, terrorist friendly one instead. Yep, America pulling out of Iraq will lead to a new golden age of peace just like the one the Islamist courts are creating in Somalia...

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