Monday, December 11, 2006

Won't Stop The Jihad

Hamas has, yet again, spelled out in no uncertain terms that there can be no lasting peace between them- and by extension the people who elected them- and the state of Israel.

Speaking to thousands of students at the University of Tehran on Friday, Haniyeh said: "The braggart of the world [the United States] and the Zionists ... want us to accept the theft of Palestinian lands, stop the jihad and the resistance and accept the agreements signed with the Zionist enemy. We will never recognize the Zionist government. We will continue the jihad until Jerusalem is liberated."

Can it really be any clearer than that? And yet no one in government seems to be listening- in fact they seem to have their fingers jammed firmly in their ears while loudly shouting "la-la-la".

It really is astonishing that Muslim terrorists can speak for years about their jihad, their motivations and Koranic proofs for doing so, their intentions for the future and their complete disregard for agreements; and it's as if no one in a position of power can heard a single word of it. Not only that, but they'll try to convince others that the jihadis don't actually believe what they're saying, that there is in fact no jihad, that they aren't really motivated by religious teaching but by poverty and land, and that if they can just make some of of agreement everything will turn out fine.

Maybe it's just me but the lunatics seem to be running the asylum these days, I just can't think of any other explanation.

Note too that Hamas states that Iran offers them "strategic depth". Wouldn't that mean that Iran is a nation state supporting a terrorist group? Shouldn't we perhaps do
something about that?

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