Monday, December 11, 2006

Murdered Children

Expect international front page coverage, outraged opinion columns and a condemnation from CAIR!

Gunmen in Gaza City have shot dead the three sons of an intelligence chief linked to the Palestinian party Fatah.

One adult was also killed in the attack which took place in a street crowded with children on their way to school.

The attack happened as children were arriving at nine schools which line Palestine Street in Gaza City's central Rimal district.

The gunmen fired more than 70 bullets at the vehicle in which Mr Balousheh's children, aged between six and 10, were travelling. At least two other children were hurt.

Oh wait, nevermind, it wasn't caused by the Israelis. The as yet unidentified murderers- the BBC calls them "gunmen"- are suspected of having links to Hamas as the children's father led a crackdown on that group some 10 years ago.

If this had been caused by Israeli troops then you would, of course, hear a great deal about their barbaric act against the poor, oppressed Palestinian children. As it seems to have been caused by poor, oppressed Palestinians themselves though, don't expect to hear a peep out of CAIR or their ilk. Murdering children is, after all, familiar activity for Palestinian "gunmen".

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