Saturday, December 23, 2006

Gun Rights

Okay, listen up American gun owners because this is an important one- War on Guns has posted a letter received from the FAA regarding their declaration that the 2nd Amendment is a collective, not an individual, right.

Thank you for your comments on the human space flight requirements. This rule, including its security requirements, underwent coordination and review within the executive branch. It was reviewed and approved by the Executive Office of the President.

Here's the comment on this-

When John Ashcroft penned his "individual rights" opinion, it made headlines around the world. Terms like "sea change" were thrown about, and we were told how significant the opinion was for gun rights. The Bradys went nuts. 18 state attorneys general followed suit and drafted their own letter of concurrence. And this was used to tremendous advantage to convince gun owners to throw their support behind the Bush administration.

But now we have it from one of the top attorneys in that administration that the "collective rights" language "was reviewed and approved by the Executive Office of the President."

David Codrea of War on Guns has sent another letter asking for further clarification but as he points out, this is important news- and news that will probably not receive much attention at all. Perhaps it's time for gun owners in the US to start contacting their representatives about this matter now rather than later.

Spread the word.

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