Saturday, September 06, 2008

Black Ops

Barack Obama has repeatedly said that he wants to pull out of Iraq and focus on Afghanistan which is, he claims, the central front in the war on terrorism.

More than 3,500 insurgents have been "taken off the streets of Baghdad" by the elite British force in a series of audacious "Black Ops" over the past two years.

It is understood that while the majority of the terrorists were captured, several hundred, who were mainly members of the organisation known as "al-Qa'eda in Iraq" have been killed by the SAS.

Actually it's a joint SAS and Delta Force operation.

Using intelligence gleaned from spies and informers, Task Force Black has nearly broken the back of the terrorist network and reduced bombings in Baghdad from about 150 a month to just two.

When is Obama going to be asked how leaving Iraq- and the very real presence of terrorists there, including Al Qaeda- is going to help fighting terrorism?

The SAS-Delta Force operation was part of the surge strategy which has turned the conflict around-

Gen David Petraeus, the head of the US forces in Iraq, who is due to leave his post shortly, has praised the courage of the SAS.

He said: “They have helped immensely in Baghdad … they have done a phenomenal job.”

If Obama had his way those 3,500 terrorists (and this is just in Baghdad remember) would have been free to either wreak havoc on the local populace- or to turn their attention elsewhere.

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