Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Bridget and Nikki

I blogged some time ago about the incredible act of kindness performed by Cindy McCain when she rescued two small children from Bangladesh and brought them back to America for medical attention. She and John McCain adopted one of those girls, Bridget, and a friend of McCain's, Wes Gullet, adopted the other child, Nikki. It's a great story and one that Gullet told at the Republican Convention. I urge you all to watch-

This story really isn't about politics but I think it's worth noting that while Obama talks endlessly about requiring others to get involved, to do mandatory community service and so on, the McCains have performed one of the very acts Obama spoke of (lifting a child from poverty in Bangladesh). A Google News sarch for "Bridget McCain" turns up a paltry 475 results, a good deal of them merely mentioning her in passing as attending some event or other.

Do you imagine for a single second that if the Obama's had saved a poverty-stricken child from certain death that the media would have talked about it so little?

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