Friday, September 05, 2008

Smearing Republicans

Darn those Republicans- they failed to fulfil one reporters racist stereotypes!

But actually I say the story here is the dog that didn't bark. One of several wrong predictions I made this week was that the GOP convention would be marred by an endless series of racially-tinged comments from delegates and/or marginal right-wing hangers-on. But that hasn't happened.

But wait, he did hear something-

Passing through a food court area today I did hear a loudmouthed guy noisily holding court on the subject of "Barack Hussein Obama," but that's the worst I've encountered.

Mentioning his real name is somehow racist- doesn't that say more about this guy than the one referring to Obama's given middle name? The whole "Barack redacted Obama" thing seems to me to be incredible nonsense- and when I hear claims that mentioning his actual name is racist or offensive, it just makes me think that the person complaining is the one sees it that way. What have you got against Obama's full name anyway?

I've even been checking out the buttons and shirts on sale by vendors, and they're all very appropriate--no racist Obama dolls, not even any nasty anti-Hillary shirts or buttons (that I've seen). There's a sanitized feeling that makes me think the convention planners were highly attuned to the possibility for trouble and took measures to prevent it.

Yeah, that's got to be it- those Rethuglicans are so inherently racist that the organisers must have used Rovian mind-control to stop them using racist epithets and selling racist Obama dolls. It's all a big right wing plot, see. I mean, what other explanation could there be?

This is what passes for modern journalism apparently.

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BobG said...

The Obama people are the only ones that keep bringing up the subject of race.