Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Obama's Shame

Probably the most powerful anti-abortion ad ever made, even though it's aimed squarely at Barack Obama's shameful support of infanticide- leaving babies born alive during an abortion to die. It's astonishing to see the person alive now who was supposed to have been killed. Obama is the only person in the Senate to have voted against legislation like this.

For those who question the details of the neutrality clause (that argument is still being circulated I see) check out the links at the Hot Air piece. The bill Obama voted against did have such language attached- and his campaign has admitted it too.

His attitude to abortion can best be seen in his self-admitted priority if he becomes President-

In 2007, Obama told the Planned Parenthood Action Fund that the Freedom of Choice Act would be the first piece of legislation that he would sign as president. The act would not only codify Roe v. Wade, but wipe out all current federal, state and local restrictions on abortion that pass muster under Roe, including the Hyde Amendment prohibiting federal funding of abortion.

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