Wednesday, September 17, 2008



Barack Obama went to Iraq and interfered with the diplomatic efforts of the elected United States government, in a war zone no less, by telling the Iraqis to stop negotiating with the President.

And the media yawns. MAFPAC has an as about the move, branding it (correctly) a disgrace. As Ed at Hot Air points out though, they miss the mark with their main thrust against Obama. He lays the charges out most concisely-0

The problem with what Obama did is twofold. First, Senator Obama has no authority to negotiate on behalf of the executive branch, which has sole authority to conduct foreign policy. Second and most important, Obama attempted to interfere against the interests of the United States. He can ask all the questions he wants, but when Obama started pressing Iraqi officials to stop negotiations with the executive branch — in other words, break one level of diplomatic contact and freeze a military alliance in time of war — that crossed a line and clearly violated the Logan Act. It also makes clear that Obama would do anything to get elected, even harm diplomatic relations between the US and an ally.

Imagine the furore if a Republican politician had done this during campaign season with a Democrat President in power.

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