Saturday, September 13, 2008

Obama's Women

This is interesting.

...on average, women in McCain's office are paid more than the men in McCain's office -- $1.04 for every dollar a man makes. Men in Obama's office make more than women do; female employees make 83 cents for every dollar made by male employees.

Only one of Obama's five best-paid Senate staffers is a woman. Of McCain's five best-paid Senate staffers, three are women.

Of Obama's top 20 salaried Senate staffers, seven are women. Of McCain's top 20 salaried Senate staffers, 13 are women.

In the great scheme of things it might not matter much but since the Democrats like to play these games when they think they can win, why not bring it up? I mean, Obama talks on the campaign trail about equality of pay for men or women while the women working for him earn less than the men do? You could say he's just paying lip-service to sexual equality.

Ed at Hot Air says it best- As with change, clean politics, and leadership, Obama talks the talk while McCain walks the walk.

Obama's camp argues that there are more women on his campaign staff. No word on how he stacks up there compared to McCain. What did strike me about the list Obama's spokesman delivered was that Michelle Obama is listed as "Senior Advisor".

If there aren't two Michelle Obama's then that would mean that it's entirely appropriate to hold up anything she says or does as being pertinent during this election- including her "proud" moment. She evidently isn't just his wife but a part of his campaign staff. Might explain why the former communications director for Teddy Kennedy and later the DNC itself is now Michelle's chief of staff.

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