Monday, September 05, 2005

Dinosaur Appearance

Maybe I'm being too harsh because I don't want the image of dinosaurs to be slighted in such a manner, but it seems to me that overturning the accepted notion of dinosaur appearance based on a few fossil finds in China is unwarranted.

A paleontologist from Dublin, Gareth Dyke, holds that the description of all dinosaurs is false based on the evidence from China of a few fossils which display evidence of being feathered.

Of course, this ignores completely the evidence which we already have of actual fossilised skin. Which incidentally includes some of the T. Rex which Dyke would have us believe is feathered.

Odd for a scientist to ignore previously discovered evidence in preference of his own discoveries? It seems to me that the current fad for the dinosaur/bird link is over-riding his objectivity.

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