Monday, September 26, 2005

Middle Eastern Comics

Looks like that uniquely American export, the comic, is proving to be popular in the Middle East. So much so that there's now an Egyptian publisher- AK Comics. Founded to provide a cheaper option to the American imports (did you know that there's also an Indian Spiderman?), AK Comic's quartet of supeheroes are proving to be so popular that there's even an animated series on the way (you might need to view it with IE).

Though religion and politics are forbidden topics, there are some thinly veiled references. The characters inhabit a Middle East kept peaceful by the United Arab Forces after the 55-year War and one of the enemies they face is the Zios Army.

Funnily enough the quartet of heroes becomes a duo in the more conservative countries like Saudia Arabia, where Jalila and Aya are a tad too provocative. Comics nerds the world over, it seems, like their big bosomed women clad in skintight clothing.

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