Monday, September 05, 2005

New Orleans Chaos

The New Orleans situation is best described, I think, as a gigantic f**k up. A natural disaster compounded by a man-made one. The blame seems to lie with local government for not being prepared enough (and reading Michelle Malkin on this, the local government was corrupt and inept) but more importantly, with the criminals who are making the rescue operations immensely more difficult that they need to be. This is pretty much evidence, if any were needed, that civilisation is just a thin veneer for some people- beneath it lies horrific savagery. Clayton Cramer has details of some of the appalling crimes being committed there and he makes the very valid point -

I can't believe that the savages committing these crimes don't have long criminal histories. Unfortunately, New Orleans suffers from the problem of most big cities--an unwillingness to recognize that violent criminals need to go to prison and stay there.

Criminality of this type in the aftermath of such a dreadful disaster is absolutely unforgiveable. It's Lord of the Flies and Mad Max made real- examples of the very worst human behaviour. In light of this you might want to take Kim du Toit's advice and prepare your own "Grab and Go" bags. I have a small supply of tinned food and some first aid set aside for an emergency- sadly here in the UK we are unable to set aside weapons for our defence should some disaster befall us and society disintegrate. Remember, it only takes the space of a day for law and order to be replaced by anarchy. If you live in the United States my advice to you is to go out right now and purchase some emergency supplies and at least one firearm- and then learn how to use it. There are any number of disaster scenarios which could strike anywhere in the country and lead to the sort of break-down we're witnessing in New Orleans. Be prepared.


FrauBudgie said...

I got into severe burnout yesterday over the news ... first, on Fox, Geraldo Rivera was tramping around in waders ... then, clicked to CNN, where the reporter was asking "If Chief Justice Rehnquist could talk to you from heaven, what would he say ..."
Then to MSNBC, who was reporting on how the New Orleans Police MIGHT have shot 8 Army Corps of Engineer contractors ... then tried to clarify ... no, not the police ... well, maybe not the contractors ... well, maybe not a gunfight ... etc.

So, I turned it off, and we took off to the lake with some friends for a picnic. There were a group of both conservative and liberals present, we don't discriminate. And we were all swapping stories about what we're doing to help out the refugees here in N.Texas.

I realized that we have more in common than political differences.

Jay.Mac said...

Looks like taking a break now is the best idea- the political scene in America looks like it is going to get nasty. Nastier I should say.

The higher stakes with another Supreme Court nomination will most likely stoke the fires of the radical left. I thought there'd be a good period of calmer waters after the election but seems I was badly mistaken.