Wednesday, September 07, 2005


Okay, just a quick one before I go and take my next dose of painkillers and wait for Diagnosis Murder to start.

At the same time that the PA is accepting $50 million from the US, they are also advocating terrorist attacks on US troops in Iraq. When is this farce going to end? Time to cut off the funding altogether. See how the PA gets on for a few weeks without US support.

Where's the ACLU on this? (I seem to be asking that with increasing frequency these days.) While the slightest hint of Christianity seems to result in a flurry of law suits, it seems to be perfectly fine to allow Muslim prayer in US schools now. Wasn't there a story a while back about Christian kids being preventing from praying while they were in the playground?

Terrorists have taken the Iraqi town of Qaim and turned it into a fascist nightmare. Let's hope the US forces have learned the lesson from Fallujah and button the place up tight before they go in and retake it- they can't allow the terrorists to disperse again.

A film by Spielberg about the Munich massacre will be "sensitive to all sides". Strong language is required to express my feelings on this. What's the world coming to? We're taking about the brutal mass murder of unarmed athletes at the Olympics- why the f**k should he be "sensitive" to the murderers who committed this atrocity?

Chrenkoff sums up NO- "Increasingly, though, it looks like Louisiana in general and New Orleans in specific were a disaster waiting to happen, not just in a sense that a medium-sized city situated below water level in a hurricane-prone region is a disaster waiting to happen, but that the whole political, social and economic culture of the state was one big dysfunctionality, only held in equilibrium by the absence of a genuine crisis."

There's also a heck of a lot of Good News From Afghanistan. Better get a big cup of coffee ready before sitting down to read that.

Stop the ACLU highlights the work the ACLU is busy with- preventing the passage of a law which would would have imposed a maximum sentence of 20 years for sexual offenders who molest children three times or more. And no, they aren't doing it because they think it should be a 20 year minimum sentence instead.

FrauBudgie of the excellent Red Hot Cuppa Politics has bravely posted over at Daily Kos, her question- what can liberals and conservatives agree on? It's a very reasonable question and you would expect that it would be greeted with a plethora of suggestions. Perhaps it would be anywhere else apart from Kos but there you will find answers like these-

"Because anyone trying to make excuses for the GOP on...

  1. 9-11 and the Bush administration asleep at the wheel;

  2. The Iraq War, with thousands of casualties, a looted treasury, and international shame/criminality; and now

  3. The abandonment of federal responsibility for a natural disaster which is worse than 9-11 not someone who I care to engage. As of now, it seems as if the conservative GOP is, indeed, continuing to excuse the near biblical atrocity which is the GOP one-party state. We're back at the cusp of the Civil War, in which some citizens absolutely refused to support the outlaw of slavery. I don't want to argue with people like this. I want them to wake up and show some decency, for God's sakes."

So, instead of finding middle ground and trying to work from there the tactic seems to be to insult and demand that conservatives "wake up", which I presume means "agree with everything liberals say". To her credit, FrauBudgie is nothing less than perfectly courteous.


FrauBudgie said...

"Both" sides of the Munich massacre? Is he talking about the living and the dead or what?

Actually, what's emerging over at DailyKos is that while there seems to be some agrement on large ideas like accountability and you shouldn't let babies starve -- but if you're liberal you have to 1) Debate the war in Iraq 2) Bash Bush and 3) Throw in a personal insult or two ... before you can focus on anything else.

Hope the painkillers are working, and that you won't need them soon.

3Ply Stagliano said...

Which episode of Diagnosis Murder was it?