Saturday, September 10, 2005

Quick Post

Just a quickie today.

First off, I blogged about a study recently (carried out by pro-abortionists) which argued that foetuses couldn't feel pain until very late in pregnancy- later than most medical experts agree on. Well, with advances in imaging researchers have found evidence that unborn children can cry from as early as 28 weeks.

"The findings have developmental implications, according to Mitchell and his colleagues. To “cry,” they note, the fetus would need not only the movement capability, but also the necessary sensory and brain development to process the offending sound and recognize it as something negative."

Next up, a fatwa has been issued against India's top female tennis player for wearing short skirts and revealing tops in games.

"The dress she wears on the tennis courts…leaves nothing to the imagination," Haseeb-ul-hasan Siddiqui told The Hindustan Times. "She will undoubtedly be a corrupting influence."

Strange how Muslim men can be corrupted by the sight of a woman in a skirt- nice they way they absolve themselves of any personal responsibility.

Finally, Israel has been asked not to send aid to the victims of Hurricane Katrina until later and no mention has been made of its offers of assistance. Dhimmitude at the State Department. Disgusting. Any other countries been asked not to help?


Billy Budd said...

I posted the Playmate of the month pics for your enjoyment.

(I fubared my back with an old T-10 round chute in my younger days.....I feel your pain)

Jay.Mac said...

Great pics- you know, it never occured to me to question the use of the saddle ring until Cowboy Blob pointed it out. I'd always assumed that it was there to hook your finger into to pull the rifle out of the saddle scabbard. don't know how I got that notion into my head.