Saturday, September 03, 2005

Saturday's Topics

Wow. A Democrat sinks to new low depths- refusing to help a woman and child broken down at the side of the road because of a "W" bumper sticker. Rhetoric is one thing but acting out on Bush Derangement Syndrome is simply inexcusable.

Dennis Hastert is coming under fire for suggesting that building a city beneath sea level in a hurricane zone might not be the best idea. Tim Worstall has other thoughts on the problem- namely that the Federal government insuring against floods (as opposed to private insurance) encourages people to live in danger areas. Now may not be the best time to be discussing rebuilding the city (or not as the case may be) but it strikes me as just a little odd that people choose to live in areas like this, LA being the prime example. Who wants to live on a fault line?

Fjordman highlights the story of Miss England's first Muslim competitor- as demands are made by Muslims that she withdraw from the contest-

"There is no way a Muslim girl should be taking part in this competition because it is unlawful. The ladies in that contest are always very scantily dressed and the only part of the body that should be on display are the face the hands and the feet. I would like this girl to withdraw from the contest immediately. "

How open-minded of him.

Finally, a bit of movie news- the first review of The Sound of Thunder I've seen- and it's not good. Not at all.

That sound you hear while watching "A Sound of Thunder" is actually audience members thundering toward the exits in an effort to get away from this ghastly film.

It doesn't seem promising. Having said that, I'm a fan of horror and sci-fi films so bad effects, acting and scripts are something I'm well used to. I'm actually kind of looking forward to seeing this anyway- dinosaurs in Chicago? What's not to like about that?


FrauBudgie said...

We'll see this movie anyway!

That story was the first one I ever read by Ray Bradbury when I was in grammar school, and started a love for Bradbury.

We'll see it anyway. Can't help ourselves.

Jay.Mac said...

Yeah, anything with Bradbury's name attached is going to be seen by me, regardless of what the reviews say.

Maybe one day we'll see a director make an accurate movie of the Martian Chronicles...

Of course, they'll have to include my all time favourite Bradbury story- Dark They Were and Golden-Eyed.