Friday, September 09, 2005

Women in Islam

“Individuals whose state of attire and make-up is against religious laws in public will be prosecuted without having to first wait in a queue and will be sentenced to flogging and fines”

Replace "individuals" with "women". What about dress codes for men in Islam? Why do they get a free pass?

The joys of Sharia- a woman wants a divorce from her husband, who has abandoned her and her child to go to another country and marry another woman. Working with an imam the woman bargained her husband's initial request for $10,000 and her jewellery down to $5,000, which she had to borrow. She was also forced to give up all child-support payments and alimony, and agree to not to take legal action against him in the future.

Why on earth would any woman want anything at all to do with a "religion" which treats them so abominably?


David Codrea said...

We have that here in the states at Disneyland--they call it a "Fast Pass."

It's a small world after all!

FrauBudgie said...

For every cup there is a saucer. However cracked it might be ...

Can a woman even divorce her husband in Sharia? I thought the gig was he shakes the dust from his shoe over his shoulder and says "I divorce you" three times, and is free. She gets to go home to her fathers' house, disgraced for life ...

Or, hubby could just accuse her of infidelity, and she gets stones.

:: twitch. Shudder::

Anonymous said...

No you understand incorrectly you can't just say I divorce you three times and your done if you (either the wife or husband) say in the course of say some domestic problems that I want to divorce you then you are supposed to seperate and have no contact for a month and then you come back and if you again want divorce you seperate for a month longer the whole point being that by being seperated you might be able to simmer down and or grow finder because of the seperation if that dosent work then you can get divorced. The women does not have to give her husband anything and she keeps the dowery. If someone is accused of adultry there has to be four witnesses to testify that they saw you commiting the act if there are less then four then nothing happens. People tend to mix culture and religion and in Islam that is not acceptable if the cultural things are againstIslamic beliefs. You also must understand that a lot of so called Muslims hardly follow the Quran at all there are some who claim to be Muslims and they worship graves so the actions of a fair bit of Muslims is contrary to Islamic teachings. Just because a person claims or thinks they are Muslim does not mean they follow the religion. I will not try to say that women are not oppressed in Muslim majority countries but that is not due to Islam that is due to ignorance and improper people. People should be judged by what they do not what religion they claim to follow.