Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Ayaan Hirsi Ali's Citizenship Revoked

According to Jihad Watch Ayaan Hirsi Ali's move from the Netherlands to the United States may not go quite so smoothly as we had hoped. Not content with driving this courageous woman, who lives under 24 hour armed guard, from her home, Integration Minister Rita Verdonk is now claiming that Hirsi Ali's Dutch citizenship never existed. Which means that she doesn't have a Dutch passport, and her entry into the United States is now probalby on shaky ground to say the least.

As Robert Spencer says "These despicable, black-hearted Dutch dhimmis."

Hirsi Ali has a number of weeks to appeal the descision. Why Verdonk can't just let her go quietly to the US is beyond me- the facts of her untruths on her immigration have been known for some years now. Why now? Why this sudden attack on this incredibly courageous women when she is preparing to leave Holland anyway? It seems like sucha petty and vindictive course to take

I hope- though I'm not in any way confident- that the United States will still welcome her to their shores. She is, after all, living with death threats- a return to Somalia, now in the grip of Islamist violence, is surely not on the cards. Will liberal Hollywood champion her? Will they use their public voice to call for her entry into the US; the woman who wrote the film Submission, the woman who speaks out against the oppression of women the world over? Will they offer to bring her to LA to make the follow up to Submission? Can we expect Code Pink, or any of the other feminist groups out there, to rally to her side? Frankly, I'm not holding my breath for any of that to happen.

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