Monday, May 15, 2006

Faith Communities

I just caught this on the BBC news website. A recent study has found that Muslims in England face some of the worst hardship in the country; they are more likely than any other religious group to have no job and to live in poor conditions. A staggering half of Muslims over the age of twenty five are said to be unemployed and one in three live in the most deprived areas in the country.

The study apparently did not examine any of the causes for this predicament. What percentage are first generation immigrants? What percentage speak English fluently? Are they living in deprived areas because the housing is cheaper or more available in those areas which were deprived to begin with? Or are they deprived because they are living in areas which are generally economically depressed- and the figures are so dramatic because their populations are in geographically confined areas?

A government spokeswoman has said that they "will use the study in its work to encourage equal opportunities for members of all religious communities". Does this mean that the study found that Muslims were not being treated equally? Or that efforts will be made to reverse discriminate towards them now, in order to improve their situation? The article is maddingly vague on some points.

Anyway, the thing that really caught my attention is that the study was generated "to review the prospects of faith communities in England".

Faith communities- again another oddly vague phrase. Does that simply mean they are examining a the prospects of members of a particular faith, or are they examining the prospects for establishing communities based around certain faiths. It has been said that some Muslim leaders in the West are intent on focusing the Muslim population in certain areas in order to call for Islam-centric rules for them. Steps towards Sharia law?

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religion of pieces said...

Hindus and Sikhs who come to Britain generally thrive and prosper through hard work and providing products and services that the British people want to buy.

It's only the poor oppressed Muslims (victims of Zionists and Crusaders) who require affirmative action to provide them with guaranteed welfare for the duration of their unproductive and parasitic lives.


One line of attack on Islam which doesn't seem to have been followed up in the blogosphere concerns the existence of Allah. Some atheists have tried to prove that Allah doesn't exist, but it may be far more damaging to Islam to demonstrate that Allah does indeed exist and to show where 'he' resides and what 'he' is.

Christians and Jews believe that G_d is transcendent and omnipresent, he is not located in any particular place and indeed both transcends and permeates the physical structure of the universe.

In total contrast, Muslims are obsessively concerned with directing their prayers towards one particular location on planet earth, and line up their prayer mats and build their mosques pointing within a fraction of a degree towards Mecca. Muslim astronauts get particularly confused when in orbit because their god resides on earth - the majesty of the cosmos is lost on them. They believe that if you don't aim your prayers accurately at Mecca they won't have any effect. Very strange!

So we must conclude that Allah lives somewhere in Mecca. The entire city, including hotels, car parks, public lavatories, electricity substations etc cannot be equally and universally holy. So what is the object of this idolatrous worship?

The structure that every Muslim bows down to five times a day is Allah's house - the Kaaba.

And yes, inside it you will find Allah himself, who does indeed exist, and is none other than - a meteorite!

Allah is a chunk of space junk!