Friday, May 19, 2006

The Madness Continues

I thought that Britain's leadership was bad but it seems that the United States is working hard to beat us.

First of all the Senate has killed the Kyl amendment by 58 votes to only 35.

The Senate killed an amendment that would have denied a chance for permanent status and eventual citizenship to illegal immigrants who have been in the country less than five years and to any future immigrants who enter the country under the guest-worker program.

As Hot Air points out this plainly contradicts what Bush said in his speech on Monday-

I support a temporary worker program that would create a legal path for foreign workers to enter our country in an orderly way, for a limited period of time...And temporary workers must return to their home country at the conclusion of their stay.

The Senate also voted on whether or not America should have an official language- a measure supported by 84% of Americans. Well, with their usual trepidation they did vote to accept English as the national language and then promptly changed their minds and made English not the national language but only the "unifying language". In other words, they did nothing at all- but made it seem to voters that they both support having an official language and that they also oppose it. Your tax dollars at work.

While they were at it, the Senate also killed the Ensign Amendment-

To qualify for full Social Security benefits, a worker must register 10 years of work. Under current law, illegal immigrants who obtain legal status can use their previous illegal work history to apply for Social Security benefits.

To remedy the situation, Sen. John Ensign (R-NV) has offered an amendment to the pending Senate immigration bill that would reverse this law to ensure that law-breakers are not rewarded for their past work at the expense of immigrants who have waited in line and American citizens.

Now, it seems hard to me to even believe that the United States Senate is even contemplating this measure. I can't say it better than this summation-

Should ILLEGAL immigrants, once made legal by the McCain legislation, be entitled to receive the Social Security benefits they have paid into the system while ILLEGALLY using FRAUDULENT Social Security numbers STOLEN from actual, legal citizens of the United States of America.

Or this-

The plan will siphon off the hard-earned tax dollars of American workers who may never see a dime of their confiscated earnings and fork it over to foreigners guilty of at least four acts of federal law-breaking: crossing the border illegally, working illegally, engaging in tax fraud and using bogus documents.

Who on Earth do the Senate think they are representing, American citizens or illegal aliens? At the moment, it's not quite clear.

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