Friday, November 24, 2006

Banana Oil

I posted a link to Banana Oil, who originally posted the Le Tigre Decepticon video (I'm assuming it's an actual video and not fan's effort). For some reason I didn't stop by to have a look around as is my want when posting a link- but I've since rectified that. It's worth popping over there. I'm so glad that I found this post for example-

I was walking west on Nanjing Road, passing Plaza 66, when I chanced to look up. She was blond. Wore a hat and wore it well. Had glasses. With nice, thick, boxy frames — the kind I really, really like on women. She was giving a small, warm smile. To me. (?)

My contacts might have been a little fuzzy, so I checked. Nope, nobody immediately behind me. She was looking at me. (?)

When I turned back, she was still looking at me, (?) but the smile was no longer small. It was broad and bright as the sun. She was most amused.

She waved. At me. (?)

Now, at the best of times, I am a klutz around lovely women. Yesterday was not, alas, the best of times. I had been brooding, and now here was a blond throwing sunshine my way. It took me until the wave to remember how to work my face.

That knowledge recalled, I employed it to give her a small, questioning-but-receptive smile in return.

Or possibly I just looked confused.

It just gets better- and so well written too.

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imh said...

In fact, I almost didn't post that one because I felt that the part you quoted was best, and the rest (barring the revelation paragraph) took all the steam out of it.

Glad that you, at least, disagree with me. :)