Saturday, November 25, 2006


I just caught a bit of the TV show Tonight With Jonathon Ross, a chat show. Jeremy Clarkson from Top Gear was on to promote an upcoming DVD and spewed his usual "I hate America" line. I believe MadOgre has commented on this before. What real struck me about it though was one part where he was describing hiring some full auto weapons to shoot up an electric car. He said that when they hired them the proprietors told him they would rent them on condition that the film he was making was not anti-Bush or anti-war. "Land of the free," he snarled- obviously failing to recognise that businessmen are free to pick and choose who they want to do business with or that he was free to shoot those guns in America- a right denied here in the United Kingdom.

Land of the free?

Yes, which is precisely why Clarkson travelled there to film.

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3Ply Stagliano said...

I've no idea what Jeremy Clarkson's real opinion is on anything and I doubt he even knows any more himself. He's become such a pantomime caricature of what people expect him to be.

It just amazes me some people take him half-seriously. It's pretty frightening to think some people use Clarkson as a means to confirm their belief in ridiculous thoughts.