Tuesday, November 28, 2006

A Moderate Speaks

It seems that a sighting has been made of that exceeding common, majority figure- the moderate Muslim. Just such a man wrote a letter for a local newspaper. What was the reaction do you suppose? A massive yawn maybe? Moderate Muslims are supposed to be the vast majority of a religion which again and again we are told is peaceful- despite all the evidence to the contrary (terrorist acts, terrorist explanations of their acts, and the very texts of the religion which exhort followers to war and violence against unbelievers).

Anyway, a moderate Muslim writes a letter- hardly newsworthy you might think. Well, it wouldn't have been only he has since been kicked out of his mosque and threatened by violence by other members of the Muslim community. I guess the religion of peace memo is being directed at the wrong people- all those Islamophobes need to stop being targeted and the memo sent to Muslims instead it would seem.

Unfortunately, the text of his article is no longer available at Tulsa World- the page has apparently expired, but he apparently condemned Al Qaeda and also called on Muslims to reject terrorism. If you watch the video link at LGF you'll hear the man in question say that he was told "
You can't say bad things about Muslims in front of unbelievers". Is that why we're not seeing a mass movement of this majority of moderates to denounce terrorism- because they think it'll look bad to all us infidels? If so, it's a pretty lousy excuse- and it's very telling of their attitude to non-believers. Note too at the end of the report that he will be allowed to go back to the mosque if he apologises. For what? Denouncing Al Qaeda or asking Muslims not to commit terrorist acts?

If this is the way moderates are treated then it's little wonder that we don't hear them. Expect CAIR to launch into action any moment now to defend this man and to promote his message.

Any second now.

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