Friday, November 10, 2006

Democrats Win, World Loses?

So the Republicans threw it all away. A President and a majority in the House and Senate and they still couldn't do any of the things that conservatives wanted them to do. What happened? As each day passes I'm agreeing more and more with MadOgre's idea that there should be term limits for Congress. These career politicians have totally lost touch with what their base wants.

And in the middle of a war they hand power over to a party which the enemy wants to see win.

The Arab Street is greatly pleased with Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House, and so are their despotic rulers and jihad-enabling media.

LGF has more details on that. Melanie Phillips suspects that there might be a dreadful price to pay-

"The most likely outcome of these mid-term elections is another major terror attack on America. Whatever the smart analysis of the likely shape of domestic American politics over the next two years, America has now signalled a faltering of resolve; and that’s the cue for a redoubled Islamist attack."

Obviously the jihadis could be emboldened to try and attack an America which is now crippled by Democrat appeasement. Can you imagine what exactly a Democrat controlled House and Senate do about another 9/11?
Could it be that the jihadis can already sense the smell of victory in the air- a victory that will come despite the crushing casualties inflicted on them by the American military at every turn? Let's turn to Democrat John Murtha for an answer on that-

Winning is not a strategy, victory is not a strategy.

We’re gonna say, here’s a plan that we have, and Speaker Pelosi has signed on to the plan I have, stability in the Middle East, stability in Iraq comes from redeployment of our troops, and that’s gonna be what we’ll work for.

Cut and run. And in the wake, a collapse of the fledgling Iraqi government and probably the creation of another Taliban-like dictatorship- where the jihadis will be able to plan and launch further attacks on Britain and America. While I have grave reservations about the success of the democracy project in Iraq, consider this consequence of leaving before the job is done and the government is able to stand alone- will we have to invade Iraq again a few years down the line to overthrow a Taliban-style regime, one possibly backed by Iranian nukes?

The Democrat win had already be likened to a national disaster for the USA- I'm afraid that I have to agree in part, this could very well be a disaster for all of the free world.

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