Tuesday, November 28, 2006

What's That Noise?

I always wondered as I got older what it would be like to lose touch with what's happening in the music scene. I was prepared to not be a John Peel, who promoted some cutting edge music until his untimely death; frankly, even when I listened to his show as a teenager I could tell that I was several steps back from truly cutting edge. To my young ears Napalm Death was just noise, although now and then I could see the appeal. Anyway, over the past couple of years, since I hit thirty I think, I've noticed myself going back to the music I liked in my early twenties and late teens- a lot of material from the Ninja Tune label for example or ambient music by the likes of Biosphere. I still get a big kick out of discovering a band or artist I've never heard before. I guess the most recent example of that would be Smog.

Anyway, I was browsing late last night and it hit me square in the face like a punch from Ivan Drago- I'm old and new music fads are beyond me. Way, far beyond me. So far gone that they've got red shift. And, surprisingly, it doesn't bother me. I'm quite happy to live in a world where 15-stone lesbian activists who shout punk rock are not considered to be "rock goddesses" or the "coolest person in rock".

Have times really changed so much?

Anyway, in honour of my getting to the "what's that terrible noise?" stage here's a soothing little tune by Smog, I Feel Like The Mother Of The World.

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