Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Israel's leader Olmert seems to have completely lost the plot- from failing to recover the kidnapped soldiers, failing to respond to a broken ceasefire to this-

Israel is prepared to release many jailed Palestinians, including long-serving prisoners, in return for a soldier militants seized in June, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said on Monday.

I can't understand it- time and again it's been proven that succumbing to terrorist bullying and intimidation will do nothing more than cause even more bullying and intimidation. If these prisoners are released then the terrorists know that the next time they want to spring someone from prison all they need to do is snatch another hostage. LGF ponders whether or not Olmert has some sort of masterplan at work- if he does, he's taking his time revealing it. The Lebanon incursion failed to accomplish anything other than the installation of a UN bodyguard force for Hezbollah- is Olmert really the sort of man to deal with terrorists over a massive prisoner release? Does he understand that his willingness to negotiate is seen as nothing more than weakness by people intent on completely destroying Israel?

As Iran strengthens its hand in the region and the enemies of Israel are offered a respite to rearm and regroup by the UN force in Lebanon and the ceasefire in Gaza, Israel is seemingly becoming weaker and weaker. Perhaps it's the decades long grind of "world opinion" about their attempts to stop their hostile neighbours from annihilating them, perhaps it's ennui at the constant war for survival. Whatever the reason, the leaders of that nation need to keep in mind that their good will and desire for a peaceful life is not reciprocated.

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