Sunday, November 05, 2006

Punishing the Victim

What sort of twisted mind does it take to come to a decision like this?

In a virtual repeat of the Imrana case, a mother of four has been driven out of her village in Murshidabad district by a Muslim panchayat after being allegedly raped by a local man over three months ago.

The panchayat ruled her marriage stood annulled in the wake of the incident and neither could she live with her husband nor could she enter the predominantly Muslim village, about 200 km from Kolkata.

The attack took place in front of the woman's four children- and for her courage in reporting the crime, she has been driven from her village: her husband could not afford to pay the 50,000 Rupee "fine" that the village council imposed if she wished to stay.

Her attacker, on the other hand, faces an 18,000 Rupee fine. Which he hasn't bothered to pay. It's not clear if the village council will order a known rapist out of their village but it doesn't seem likely. I guess they seem to have the same type of thinking as the Aussie "uncovered meat" imam- the woman is to blame.


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