Wednesday, June 13, 2007


I spent most of yesterday utterly enraged. I'd been having some problems with BT and my telephone line and decided that enough was enough- so I telephoned them. The first chap I spoke to was helpful and polite, but I quickly discovered a whole other breed of rude, dense and deliberately obtuse employees. If you're at all concerned about your blood pressure or breaking fragile objects that happen to be within reaching distance on no accounts call their customer services line.

Insert stream of coarse language here.

As a delightful counterpoint to the hell that was BT, I also had cause to telephone my ISP- Supanet. Not only is my internet connection much faster and much more reliable than my previous provider, but Supanet answer your call promptly and are incredibly nice, polite and helpful people. They are a credit to the company and an example that many others should follow. On every occasion that I've had to contact them the experience has been the same- pleasant, efficient and eager to resolve the problem. A startling contrast to the surly crowd at BT and their incredibly long wait time.

If only all customer helplines could be like Supanet...

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