Sunday, June 03, 2007

State Approved Prostitution

Funny that the same regime currently cracking down on women not being covered up enough is the one also doing this-

Iran's Interior Minister, Mostafa Pour-Mohammadi, has started promoting temporary marriage as a solution to the country's social problems.

Shia Islam allows a man and woman to marry for a fixed period of time, ranging from an hour to a century.

A man can also have any number of temporary marriages - or sigheh, as they are known.

Not surprisingly, it's generally considered to be a form of prostitution- why else would a man want to marry a woman for an hour?

Rafsanjani even put forward this notion- there was no need for a cleric: the couple could read out an oath in private in order to marry.

So, women walking around uncovered is terribly bad, but men can have as many temporary "marriages" as they want and that's all right. Didn't Tony Blair say something about how progressive Islam was and how the Koran was "far ahead of its time in attitudes toward marriage, women, and governance"?

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Bag said...

Islam is getting better and better. if I was sure I wouldn't have to top myself taking out one of you infidels I may convert.