Sunday, June 10, 2007

US-Sponsored Terrorism

The beginning of a summer of war?

Israeli aircraft launched airstrikes in Gaza City early Sunday, one day after Palestinian gunmen crossed the Gaza border, believed to be the first such incident in a year.

The purpose of the Palestinian incursion apparently was to kidnap an Israeli soldier, an Israeli official said.

And why not? They've suffered no real retaliation or international outrage for last year's kidnapping. But here's the real interesting part of the story-

The airstrikes "are against the Islamic Jihad terrorist organization and violent offshoots of Fatah," the IDF said. The targets were an Islamic Jihad building in Gaza City and a weapons warehouse belonging to Fatah in the Sheikh Radwan neighborhood, the IDF said.

Fatah- that's right, the same "moderate" Fatah that Bush and Congress think it's a great idea to ship money and arms to because they aren't quite so bad as Hamas. But wait, are those moderates somehow working with terrorists calling themselves Islamic Jihad? How can that possibly be?

During the Palestinian border incursion on Saturday, one Palestinian militant was killed during an exchange of gunfire with the IDF in the Kissufim area of Israel, Palestinian sources said. An IDF spokesman confirmed the exchange and said the gunmen had crossed the border in a jeep. It was unclear who fired first.

As if that matters in any way, shape or form- if armed terrorists cross your border are you really obliged to wait and see if they shoot first?

Three gunmen, belonging to Islamic Jihad and Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade -- an offshoot military group of Fatah -- returned to Gaza, the Palestinian sources said.

The exact same Fatah group that George Bush is about to give $18.8 million- your tax dollars American readers. The same Fatah that recently received $59 million for weapons and training. They really do sound like moderates worthy of US donations of massive amounts of money and arms, don't they?

Didn't Bush say something a while ago about either being with America or against it in the war on terror? So, where exactly does that leave his administration and the Congress that approved this?

The USA is essentially all that stands between international jihad and victory and so to see Bush making these terrible, terrible mistakes is galling. Does no one in the administration see that backing one set of extremist terrorists in favour of another- both with ostensibly the exact same goals- is nothing more than a short-sighted and idiotic mistake? Especially when America's real and true ally in the Middle East, Israel, is going to suffer for their political experiments.

Who in Washington really belives that giving US money to a group called Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade so that they can launch attacks against Israel alongside their buddies Islamic Jihad is anywhere even close to a good idea? And how does the average American taxpayer feel about nearly $80 million of their money being given to terrorists to wage their war?

Perhaps if you're an American citizen you might take the time to ask your elected representatives why your tax dollars are being sent to arm, train and fund terrorists intent on destroying one of America's long-time allies?

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