Monday, June 11, 2007

Iran's Bomb Project

How many times have we been told now that Iran's nuclear ambitions are peaceful? And how many times do we have to hear stories like this, or see evidence of Iranian arms in Iraq and Afghanistan being used against our troops, before any action is taken?

A British company has been closed down after being caught in an apparent attempt to sell black-market weapons-grade uranium to Iran and Sudan, The Observer can reveal. Anti-terrorist officers and MI6 are now investigating a wider British-based plot allegedly to supply Iran with material for use in a nuclear weapons programme. One person has already been charged with attempting to proliferate 'weapons of mass destruction'. During the 20-month investigation, which also involved MI5 and Customs and Excise, a group of Britons was tracked as they obtained weapons-grade uranium from the black market in Russia. Investigators believe it was intended for export to Sudan and on to Iran.

Why is that the majority of Western politicians think that the time to act is after Iran has the bomb? Do they really believe that the Iranian leadership will follow suit with the rest of the civilised world and not use them?

Interesting to note too that Sudan was involved in obtaining nuclear material- the article also mentions Al Qaeda are trying to develop a nuclear capability.

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